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Hosting & Security Features

360 WebCMS has a number of advanced security features to make sure that your site is secure. The system uses SQL prevention and detection techniques and logs every logon attempt. 360 WebCMS gives you full control over the permissions that your users have. You can give them access to update as much or as little of your website as you would like.

Additionally, as a hosted solution, our CMS framework was designed to quickly roll out updates and patches for concerns such as security risks and browser compatibility as well as new features. This would be more difficult and costly to do if every website was stand-alone. Browser updates occur frequently, and being able to stay ahead of these changes are a key reason why we provide our CMS as a hosted service and have highly trained staff in regards to these concerns. This helps build trust and improves the user experience for the customer’s user base.

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World Class Data Center:  Our technical team includes highly trained staff in regards to security concerns. Our second line of support for our web servers comes from the world class team at the Liquid Web data center with state of the art security measures in place. Our infrastructure includes a strong firewall and DDoS solution. Our SQL and web servers are in a RAID configuration with load balancing and redundancy in place. In addition, we have routine backups and offer quick incident response.


Platform: Our 360 WebCMS v5 has been around for nearly 10 years. We are a Microsoft shop and our programmers use the ASP.Net framework with C#.  The CMS was designed with best of class concepts to provide a powerful but easy-to-use toolset for the average marketing person or business staff.


Network and Vulnerability Testing:  Our team works with the State of South Dakota on many projects and our web applications need to routinely run through vulnerability and penetration testing. This is an additional layer in the process that we welcome as it provides a higher level of assurance for our customers.


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